The Dogs of War Veterans Motorcycle Association is compiled of Veterans from all branches of the South African Defence Force who ride motorcycles. Our mission is to support those who have defended our country during the Bush War era.


We are a Veteran Motorcycle Riders Association for the Veterans of SADF, South Africa. Our emblem consists of a map of Africa featuring a Skull within the border. Africa was the place where the former soldiers made a stand during 1966–1990. On the right front of their cuts they display the insignia of the former units in which they served, as well as the medal ribbons awarded to them. The half rocker with GBNF (Gone But Never Forgotten) is worn on the left front, as an reminder of the brothers that paid the ultimate price as well as those that still carry the scars of war.

Dogs Of War Veterans Motorcycle Association


The aim of the Associated Riders is to promote awareness amongst the general public and to raise funds to assist veterans that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and who are in need of medical assistance. The Riders of Dogs of War are volunteers that ride for the cause and choose to use their time and finance to reach out to their former buddies and who are prepared to walk the extra mile for veterans in need.

The Association is not a Motorcycle Club and do not display a MC in the patch, neither do they adhere to club rules and only ride to advance the well-being of veterans in need. The volunteers of the Dogs of War are all battle-hardened veterans and associates that respond to the needs of their former brothers in arms.

Dogs Of War Veterans Motorcycle Association


We are interested in adding quality Members to our association if an individual shows the desire and exhibits the character of someone we would feel confident having as a Brother. We get involved in charity events and other good causes, but we originally started the association to rekindle the bond many of us had lost after leaving the military. We know that close bond can exist between men whether they were former military or not. Some men understand this bond of Brotherhood and want it in their lives. Some men who have had it, feel lost when they lose it. These are the type of Brothers we seek. We take this bond seriously and expect that each Member will exhibit the discipline and loyalty required to create a strong Brotherhood and a disciplined association with common goals.

Dogs Of War Veterans Motorcycle AssociationDogs Of War Veterans Motorcycle Association

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